Testimonials and Rave Reviews

“I struggled with disease, divorce, abuse, and worse for 25 years. Through Michael's coaching, I have come to feel as though I have finally found my way for the first time in my life. With Michael's support, I changed in appearance, I gained greater clarity around my expectations, and I learned how to set my own boundaries. Michael never once told me how to make my way or find happiness. He never presented a solution to me. He guided me in finding my own way and making my own happiness. I now welcome what this life has in store for me.”

– J. L. Kordich, Owner and Operator of The Impressionist
Redondo Beach, California

“Our residential rehab facility works predominantly with gay people living with HIV/AIDS, meth addiction, and alcoholism. Our residents are skeptical, easily bored, and very resistant to group counseling. Despite this, they take great pains to ensure that they won't miss a session with Michael. It's the only group they won't miss. Because so many of my clients have deep trauma issues, I am careful about who I put in front of them. Michael is able to reach into my clients and address their most guarded issues in such a loving way that their fear of exploring those issues just dissolves.”

– B. Wilmoth, Program Director,
Frank's House/Rainbow Bridge Community Services

Los Angeles, California

“Having Michael in my life has been a true blessing. He has an ability to connect with people on a visceral level and guide us into our full potential. His desire to understand others without judgment or aspersions allows for a connection unlike many others in my life, and he has been invaluable to me as a personal guide. He is a true human cipher, helping to translate behaviors and beliefs into clear purpose and meaning. Allowing Michael into your life is the equivalent of giving your own faith back to yourself.”

– E. Gordon, Principal, Elizabeth Gordon Studio, Architecture & Design
Los Angeles, California

“All of the women at Friendly House share a deep admiration for Michael. His impact upon them is powerful, because he has experienced such transformation in his own life. He can relate. He coaches our residents in starting anew and helps them to be the best that they can be. Even after just one month of group coaching, we see a marked difference in our women. Friendly House has been truly blessed to have Michael and all that comes with him.”

– I. Schulman, Program Director, Friendly House Castle Heights
Culver City, California

“My work with Michael is opening up possibilities for a whole new way of being. I feel empowered to make choices from a place of calm and feeling loved and connected, rather than bullying and shaming myself. I'm learning how to cultivate an environment where I can recognize a familiar but long-silenced sound – my own voice, my ‘internal guidance system’. I now celebrate myself through acceptance.”

– A. Braden, Yoga Teacher
Los Angeles, California

“Michael Blomsterberg came into my life when I thought I had lost the will to live.  I was initially moved by how giving he is of his heart, and how he is so full of love and compassion for all.  It is his true passion for each and every one of us to be our best.  His tools enabled me to look at situations, feelings, and emotions in a way unlike ever before.  I am now well on my way to being back on my feet and cannot imagine my life without Michael in it.  I am becoming a greater person than I ever dreamed possible.”

– G. Bell, Entrepreneur
Los Angeles, California

“Michael finds the best qualities in people and guides them in discovering forgiveness, self-acceptance, self-respect, self-love, and appreciation. He has taught me to be present, something that anyone who knew me three years ago would never say about me. When I find my thoughts wandering into the future or the past, I now have the tools to get centered quickly. Michael gave me the gift of living a happy life, filled with love and laughter.”

– C. Leaf-Jackson, Personal Assistant
Los Angeles, California

“Michael Blomsterberg's keen listening skills, passionate care, infinite wisdom, and commitment to healing have helped me make progress in dealing with my addictive behaviors. Michael has helped me to improve my relationship with myself and empowered me to make the personal changes that I needed. He has helped me to realize a level of happiness I didn't consider possible in my life.”

– A. Cabrera, Account Executive
Los Angeles, California

“The women residents at the Friendly House adore Michael! His work helps them find forgiveness and love for themselves after the shame and destruction surrounding drug and alcohol addiction have taken their toll. Michael's personal recovery allows him to authentically connect with the ladies and gain their trust. With his coaching, they rediscover their dignity and learn to see their experiences as tools for building happy, purposeful lives. Michael's dedication, open-hearted approach, and unconditional love have been a blessing to the Friendly House. Michael's sessions always leave the women with uplifted spirits, and I can attest that it's a lasting change.”

– Peggy A., Executive Director, Friendly House
Los Angeles, California

“Michael is a light in this universe. He creates a sense of safety on the deepest level. He embodies the closest thing to unconditional love that I believe is possible in another human being. My sense of self and self-esteem have begun to heal from the inside, and my soul is getting the nourishment it needs. I am rediscovering my voice and am able to practice its expression. I am building a foundation in faith of living a satisfying and fulfilling life.”

– C. Dunlap, Theatrical Producer
Los Angeles, California

“Michael's group work with the women at our shelter was one of the highlights of the year, both for our clients as well as our agency. Michael's phenomenal energy transformed our clients' self-doubt into confidence, hope, and possibility. His skills enabled our women to feel a sense of self-confidence they had not felt in a long time.”

– E. Karagezian, Volunteer Coordinator, YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter
Glendale, California

“At risk of sounding fanciful, Michael defies and breaks down dichotomous modes of being that dictate much of our existence.  In this sense, Michael’s practice is revolutionary.  His uncanny ability to connect with people is both comforting and challenging, while his intuitiveness is simultaneously unsettling and inspiring.  The best word I can use to describe what my work with Michael has given me is freedom.”

– J. Moon, Artist
Los Angeles, California

“I began my work with Michael after a lifetime of searching for answers to cut to the core of my never-ending sadness. Though it was a difficult road, Michael never faltered in his compassion or dedication.  He continued guiding me to exactly where I needed to be. For the first time in my life, I now have healthier boundaries and more self-love. I am more at peace than I’ve ever been; and I am finding my authentic self. Michael is a one-of-a-kind gift who has changed the direction of my life forever.”

– M. R. Olcott, Vice President National Sales, Heng’s Industries USA
Marina del Rey, California

“I appreciate how Michael can easily bring me right to my heart to make monumental shifts in the way I see the world, and the way I be in the world. I have learned to operate from a place of love, which has truly changed my relationships, my choices, and what I am attracting into my life. He is deeply intuitive, and somehow sees at a level that allows him to laser focus on the issues that will bring about positive change. Michael was born to do this work.”

– L. H., Certified Life Coach
Littleton, Colorado

“Michael Blomsterberg has coached me in catching my breath. As a result, I am experiencing more contentment in my days. I wear many hats in my life, and Michael and I work together to discover balance and harmony. I am learning to express gratitude with ease and acknowledge my emotions, thoughts, and feelings; knowing that all is right in my world.”

– R. Navarro, Kravet Los Angeles – PDC, Showroom Manager
Los Angeles, California

“When I first called Michael four years ago, I was without self-confidence and very depressed.  Being a daughter, a wife, and a mother was a journey that I had taken, but for which I wasn’t prepared.  Michael helped me to identify my feelings, what I wanted in my life, and what I needed to do.  He showed me how to respect myself.  I am in a new life now, where everything seems to fit perfectly, like pieces in a puzzle.  My love for my life and my family has doubled.  I am so grateful to be working with Michael.”

– A.H., Artist / Expressive Art Therapist 
Glendale, California